I am so beyond excited to share that I will be hosting a 21 Day Food Freedom Challenge for the women who are ready to get hands-on personalized coaching from me to help you EXPEDITE your progress towards COMPLETE FOOD FREEDOM!

You’re ready to ditch years of yo yo dieting & learn how to start eating intuitively, ditch the diet mindset, control yourself around chocolate & sweets, stop using food to cope with stress/boredom, get back in tune with your hunger & fullness cues and stop self sabotaging every week with food.

This 21 Day Food Freedom Challenge will be the perfect place to help you do that with a step by step plan and customized coaching with Lorna.

-Every week you will get PERSONALIZED coaching with me on our group call & daily coaching with me throughout the week in our private group chat to work through urges to binge, emotional eating, overeating, food guilt and stopping when you're full (whatever YOU need support & coaching on)
-You will be part of an incredible community of other women who are so beyond ready for a better relationship with food that will cheer you on & help you feel less alone
-You will get to experience a group breathwork session which will help reduce stress/anxiety, help you become less impulsive with food & support you in better coping with your emotions without using food.
-BONUS: You will get a custom movement plan so you can move your body from a place of self love & still prioritize your health and fitness

DM ME "FREEDOM" for details!