You lost weight & got smaller but you were still obsessing over everything you were eating, the way your body looked and comparing your body to someone else's body or a past body of yours, believing your body wasn't good enough.

You think about the way your body looks from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed & you are obsessed with the number on the scale. If the # on the scale goes down you’re happy & if the # on the scale goes down it’s the worst day and you end up skipping breakfast and not allowing yourself to have a cookie after dinner.

You enjoy working out but end up over exercising to compensate for how many calories you consume after every binge and movement turns into a form of punishment for how much you’ve eaten.

You are isolating yourself and staying home in your comfortable clothes instead of going out with your girlfriends & letting your bubbly personality shine.

You know you need to stop comparing your body to how it looked years ago because you were spending way too many hours working out and starving yourself with plain egg whites and you’re done with that.

You’re done spending years yo yo dieting trying to change and fix your body because you know that dieting and being smaller never brought you true happiness, confidence, and self love that you’ve wanted.

What you want more than anything is to stop THINKING about food & your body all day, no longer punish yourself with exercise and actually take good care of the body you're in.

When you go down a path of self love & healing the relationship you have with your body, you respect it, nourish it properly, move your body in ways that feel good for you (not to only burn off calories) and you will be able to:

-attend a pool party and not even think twice about your body or restrict the entire week leading up to it

-make peace with what you see in the mirror because you're no longer beating yourself up and actually giving yourself compliments

-feel way more confident in your own skin because you're going out to social events and caring about how you're presenting yourself, not isolating yourself at home and bingeing.

I created Body Image Boost to teach you the framework that will help you transition out of negative self talk, using exercise as punishment for what you've eaten and feeling so uncomfortable in your own skin to help you fall back in love with yourself, feel at home in your body & cultivate so much self love and worthiness towards the person you are.

You’re ready to:

-Achieve a healthy weight by fueling your body properly because your focus is on HEALTH and feeling good, no longer being a slave to the scale or eating such low calories you’re starving the whole time.

-Have a healthy relationship with exercise where you can take a day off from the gym without feeling guilty or worried that you’re going to gain 5lbs.

-Be intimate with your partner & look forward to sexy time not avoid it or be in your head the entire time thinking about how bloated you feel.

This program will TRANSFORM your relationship with your body & SKY ROCKET your confidence and self love so you never have to deprive yourself from eating chocolate, spend hours overexercising in the gym or lose and gain the same 10lbs every month because you healed your body image.

Get ready to develop confidence in your own skin RIGHT NOW so you can put yourself out there, enjoy your life and make the most incredible memories with the people you love without skipping meals that day or obsessing over the # on the scale.

-how to work through triggering comments that people have made/will make to you about your body
-exactly what to do when you’re having a bad body image day or see yourself in a photo that you don't love (AND how to not let it spiral into a binge or turn into a day of restriction)
-How to have a healthy relationship with exercise & working out so you can feel your best without it feeling like punishment
-how to work though your health & fitness goals and release weight naturally in a healthy way
WITHOUT depriving yourself from your fav foods or obsessively weighing yourself
-How to STOP comparing your body to anyone else’s body & take such good care of your body that you’re excited & proud of the body you’re in

Training 1 - How to breakthrough your limiting beliefs about your body so you can start feeling WORTHY, VALIDATED, LOVED & CONFIDENT in the body you're in NOW while working towards the body of your DREAMS from a pure place of self love

Training 2 -
How to RESPECT your body & stay consistent with your healthy habits even when you don't feel the best in your body AND how to create a healthy relationship with exercise so you can stop over exercising or using it as punishment for what you've eaten.

Training 3 -
How to stop comparing your body to other people's bodies or a past/smaller body of yours and how to no longer get triggered on social media & get trapped into not feeling good enough

Training 4 -
How to revamp your definition of HEALTH & learn how to prioritize your health & fitness goals WITHOUT obsessing over the number on the scale or spending hours in the gyn

Training 5 - Exact strategies you can use ASAP when you're having a bad body image day
or see yourself in a photo that you don't love that will instantly make you feel better in your own skin and remind you that you're so much more than your body

Training 6 -
How to SKYROCKET your confidence!!

This program starts on February 29th!

There will be 6 trainings with me (replays available & lifetime access to the program)

There will be a community where you can share your wins, ask questions & share your breakthroughs as you go through the program

Q&A opportunities with me!

DM ME "BODY IMAGE BOOST" for details!