You enjoy eating healthy & it’s so much easier for you to do this during the DAY but come the evenings (especially after dinner), that’s when your sugar cravings come on, you feel out of control with food, you’re self soothing from a long day at work or just eating out of complete boredom.

You don’t have to DEPRIVE yourself & close the kitchen at 7pm and you DEFINITELY don’t need to be doing intermittent fasting, forcing yourself to drink a lot of water/tea to fill you up, brush your teeth immediately after dinner so you don’t get cravings or just go to bed early so you can avoid snacking.

You’re allowed to eat at NIGHT but the way I’m going to teach you is going to allow you to have some chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth after your dinner (which you know just absolutely hits the spot and makes your meal taste 10x better) & be good with a few pieces, not have this be a start of a binge.

This program is for you if:
-You want to ACTUALLY unwind in the evenings without feeling guilty or having this need to fill up time by eating or using food to comfort you when you’re stressed after a long day

-You want to enjoy a snack in the evening if you're hungry and simply move on with your night, not have it be the start of a binge.

-You want to wake up in the morning feeling light & energetic, not full from how much you ate last night.

This program is designed to specifically help you regain control with food so you can stop binge & emotionally overeating LATE AT NIGHT!

-5 LIVE trainings with me (you will get lifetime access to the replays so attending live is NOT required)
-Integration worksheets to implement the trainings into your life so you can make progress every week and become less impulsive with food at night!
-An amazing private community group to share wins, ask your questions & be surrounded by people who GET YOU!


DM ME "LATE NIGHT BINGE" for details!