Reconnect is a series of 18 breathwork sessions designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety, let go of limiting beliefs, reduce impulsivity and cope with your emotions without food.

You will be able to reconnect to who you are, your truth, your self worth, your body, your intuition, your safety, your calmness, your love & your presence.

Some breathwork sessions included:
-Calming anxiety
-Presence & mindfulness
-Self trust
-Clearing your mind
-Self love
-Confidence in your body
-Releasing control

This is for you IF:
-You feel anxious & stressed a LOT
-You overthink almost every decision
-You know healing needs to happen due to past trauma
-You feel this need to control EVERYTHING
& you are READY to experience more calmness, ease & flow into your days

Reconnect & come home to your body so you can feel, heal & transform by using your breath.

There are 8 shorter breathwork sessions (5-7 mins)
& 10 longer breathwork sessions (30-45 mins)

BONUS: There are journal prompts for every long breathwork session!