Eat normally is a self paced program that will help you transition out of tracking calories & macros and into intuitive eating WITHOUT spiralling out of control.

You will learn:
-how to ditch the dieting mentality
-how to get back in tune with your hunger & fullness cues
-the key principles of intuitive eating that will give you a step by step process to eat normally
-how to eat in a way where you no longer need to weigh, track or measure your food EVER AGAIN!!! (hello freedom)

This is the exact process I used to transition from obsessing over calories, having constant thoughts about food and feeling out of control to trusting myself, listening to my body and naturally stopping when I was full.

🥳 LIFETIME access to the program!!!

P.S If you’re already eating intuitively but still feel out of control with food, you’re thinking about food 24/7, get anxious when going out to dinner and want to eat normally, this is for you!