Eat normally is a program that will help you eat intuitively WITHOUT spiraling out of control.

You can eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full & regain your control back so you can enjoy a cookie or two without it turning into a full blown binge! 🥑🍫🙌🏻

You will learn:
-how to ditch the dieting mentality for GOOD so you no longer fear certain foods (like nut butter or fat) that make your meals 100x more satisfying & delicious
-how to get back in tune with your hunger & fullness cues
-how to eat intuitively in a way where you listen to your body, honour your cravings & stop when you are full
-the key principles of intuitive eating that will give you a step by step process to eat normally
-how to feel SO FREE with food but at the same time have so much control where your eating is BALANCED with the foods you ENJOY & the foods that make you feel your absolute BEST!
-how to eat in a way where you no longer need to weigh, track or measure your food EVER AGAIN!!! (hello freedom)

This is the exact process I used to transition from obsessing over calories, having constant thoughts about food and feeling out of control to trusting myself, listening to my body and naturally stopping when I was full.

-->You are tracking calories & macros and want to TRANSITION into intuitive eating WITHOUT spiralling out of control.
-->You are not tracking but not really eating intuitively either and you want to eat with control, break free from yo yo dieting, trust yourself with all foods and eat normally again!

This is a 3 week program
There will be 5 LIVE trainings with me (replays available)

Private community support group to share wins & ask your questions
Integration worksheets to implement what you're learning into your life

LIFETIME access to the program!


DM ME "EAT NORMALLY" for details!