You’ve managed to not give into your binge urges a few times & you feel so damn PROUD of yourself every time you don’t give into an urge to binge but now you’re ready to GET RID of your binge urges!!

You don’t want to keep distracting yourself, staying busy, relying on willpower, keeping chocolate out of the house or going to bed early every time you feel the urge to binge because it's EXHAUSTING and not sustainable.

You want to:
Be FREE from urges & binge eating so you can just EAT without this pull that keeps driving you back into the cupboards to finish the last row of cookies when you literally just finished dinner and know you’re not hungry.

Go out for dinner & simply order exactly what you’re craving, not feel like you MUST clean your plate because you paid for it or force yourself to order the lowest calorie option only to then go home & binge on what you REALLY WANTED because you’re not satisfied.

Stop bingeing so you can enjoy being intimate with your partner, not avoid it because you’re so full from how much ice cream you secretly ate after dinner.

Be present with your family/friends and eat normally like everyone else. Not restrict yourself because you’re the “healthy one” in the friend group but then binge on all the desserts & sweets when your guests leave your house.

You can have the BEST intentions of next bingeing again BUT… let’s be honest as soon as that urge to binge comes on, it feels like an itchy mosquito bite that NEEDS to be scratched, aka you MUST GIVE IN!!!

& unfortunately you can’t just tell yourself NOT to do it. You know you shouldn’t give in & your brain says “just ONE LAST TIME”...

Inside Stop The Urge, I’m teaching you the most EFFECTIVE strategies to get RID of your binge urges. These are the exact strategies I’ve used to have ZERO binge urges in almost 4 YEARS!!!

When you get rid of your binge urges so that it doesn't matter if you’re home alone, it’s late at night, you’re at a restaurant with plenty of delicious food or you’ve just bought freshly baked cookies, you no longer have the desire to binge!

-The clear difference between cravings & binge urges so you know exactly when to give in & allow yourself some chocolate and when you need to use a tool to help you NOT give in 
-How to enjoy all of your favourite foods in moderation & without bingeing while still feeling your best! Aka how to prioritize your health WITHOUT dieting
-Steps to take to prevent the binge urges from arising in the FIRST place (so it makes it so much easier for you to not give in & binge)
-The most EFFICIENT tools for when you feel the urge to binge that will help you not give in
-How to retrain your brain to stop listening to your BINGE BRAIN & start feeling more powerful over your binge urges

5 LIVE trainings with me (replays available)
Community to share your wins, ask your questions & to really help you feel less alone
Integration worksheets to implement what you're being taught
LIFETIME access to the program

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