Stop the urge is a program where you will learn tangible tools for when you feel the impulse to binge. You will know exactly what to do the moment an urge comes on that will prevent you from giving in.

This is NOT about distracting yourself, keeping yourself busy, drinking water/tea or going to bed early. This is about teaching you how to prevent those binge urges from arising, weakening that urge to binge & rewiring your brain so you no longer even FEEL the urge to binge.

These are the exact strategies I’ve used to become binge free for over 2.5 years and haven’t felt the urge to binge since.

If the urge feels like an itchy mosquito bite that NEEDS to be scratched, you feel powerless over your impulses & have made promises to yourself that you will only have ONE LAST binge Stop The Urge Is For YOU!

-Cravings versus binge impulses + HOW to know when to give in & when not to give in
-Implementing gentle nutrition so you can eat your favourite foods in moderation with full control while still feeling your best!
-Steps to take to prevent the binge impulses from arising in the FIRST place
-The most EFFICIENT tools for when you feel the urge to binge that will help you not give in
-Your thoughts & the impulse; how to work in sync with your mind to start feeling more powerful over your binge urges

3 weeks
5 LIVE trainings with me (replays available)
Q&A opportunities to ask me any questions
You will have lifetime access to the course.

DM ME "STOP THE URGE" for details!